Kronsoft Development is looking for a cool, Senior DevOps Engineer, willing to join our team in Brasov.

About you

  • Experience with cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, Digitalocean, etc).
  • Strong focus on automation and orchestration of deployments (infrastructure, CI/CD): ansible, Jenkins Pipelines, Terraform, ArgoCD.
  • Familiar with network concepts (subnet, vlan, etc)
  • Experience with virtualized and containerized deployments (ESX, kvm, docker, kubernetes)
  • Experience in at least on monitoring and one logging suite (Splunk, EFK/ELK, others)
  • Strong background with Open Source middleware (nginx, apache, php, tomcat, jetty, etc)
  • Experience with SQL databases: PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MySQL (deployment, maintenance, tuning)
  • Strong experience with scripting/programing languages:
    • Python (must)
    • Bash/shell (must)
    • Any other scripting language is a plus
  • Experience with Java up to the point where you can read (not write) code and figure out what it does, is a plus.

Apply for this position

Apply for this position


If you join us, you will have to:

  • Migrate legacy applications to cloud (lift & shift or redesign)
  • Design, implement, secure and maintain a complex multi-tier, scalable architecture.
  • Identify infrastructure and security technical requirements from application business logic.
  • Handle effort estimations and infrastructure budgets.
  • Handles communication between technical and non-technical individuals.
  • Ability to cooperate with multiple development teams and work across multiple projects.
  • Creates infrastructure and process diagrams, operation manuals and procedures.
  • Responsible for securing infrastructure components, applications and confidential data on production environments (implement industry best practices and legal recommendations)
  • Works with development and testing teams to automate functional and performance testing.


Once part of our team, you will be entitled to:

  • An attractive salary package
  • Private medical insurance
  • Daily meal vouchers
  • Language courses
  • Free pass to learning platforms and to Bookster
  • Discount for sport activities, dental care and others
  • Gifts and bonuses for Easter, Christmas, Woman’s Day and your birthday
  • Access to trainings & teambuilding based on your professional needs
  • Happy hour days with the team
  • Relocation bonus, if you decide to join us from afar
  • Many other benefits, growing with your seniority in our company

Why us?

We are a great team based in Brasov, working with multiple developer teams to deliver applications for the health sector. By making use of Kubernetes, Docker, public & private cloud infrastructures we create efficient and scalable applications. Deployments using Jenkins, sometimes Cloudformation at other times using internal tools. Applications we deliver usually involve Angular, Java Spring and PostgreSQL. Scalable microservices served by Kubernetes operators are something we deal with on a daily basis.

We also handle data and security compliance for productive applications, hands on using specific tooling (internal penetration & security scans) and during the development process we make sure that security guidelines are followed.

Why you?

You are the colleague we are seeking, if you are eager to learn Kubernetes, monitor it and help us operate productive environments. You are able to act solo and handle small projects by yourself (design the architecture, help with planning, and automate builds & deployments). You are able to identify areas that can be improved and provide suggestions, going as far as writing tools to strengthen and streamline processes.

Our team has members with strong technical background (15+ years) which will train you and be there to answer any questions you have on a variety of subjects. Join us in our journey to full deployment automation! 

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