Do you know the "two pizza theory"?

It states that teams should have just as many members that can be fed by two pizzas. We worked according to this principle, even before we knew this old saying*.  Why? Because it already proved to be extremely efficient.

Depending on the task and preferences of our customers, we can perfectly adapt our small, powerful teams to the necessary working methods. Whether Agile, Scrum or Kanban, we are familiar with it.
In case the project requires the traditional ‘waterfall’ approach, we master this, too.

And finally, our colleagues from Romania are regarded as worldwide sought-after and talented software developers, owning the highest level of experience. In our common European cultural space we share the same values and mentalities. Together with our consultants from Germany we experience these values day by day. Put us to the test and contact us right away.

This old saying* is attributed to Jeff Bezos.