Kronsoft Development Event

Let us not think about the past anymore, but look forward into our future, because it looks really promising. We are starting more and more projects requiring new technologies and therefore we are committed to permanently arousing or employees’ motivation, this being an essential aspect, especially in the IT field of activity.

We are aware that a lot of demanding challenges are awaiting us and we know that our customers' number is constantly increasing and so does their level of expectations, as it relies on the prestige we have gained in so many years of experience. Still, this is exactly what makes our activity so exciting. This is the reason why the Kronsoft story goes on, namely we master the know-how of adapting to a continuously changing market, we keep on reinventing us, but at the same time we stick to our main goal, which is to offer high quality, reliable and innovative solutions. In order for our objectives to be reached, we foster innovation, personal development and thus support our colleagues, who want to go the ‘extra mile’. The release of the TSM magazine in Brașov was hosted by Kronsoft Development in our conference room and brought together an impressive number of passionate people and IT specialists. The information and ideas shared that evening during the event provided the participants with coherent and consistent ‘food for thoughts’.