Apply now!

Kronsoft Development is looking for a cool, mid-level PHP Web Developer, willing to join our team in Brasov.


It might be you who are we looking for, if you

    • Develop new features for an ecommerce platform (Shopware 6)
    • Extend the functionality of the current Shopware 6 platform
    • Keep in touch with the tech lead and development team
    • Discuss the implementation of new features with the team
    • Be critical (in a constructive way) when it comes to code review
    • Write the best code you can


    If you join us, you will have to

      We would love you even more if...

      • Web services development (Apache Axis)
      • Web development experience
      • Development experience under the Linux operating system
      • Experience in the development of ERP systems from retail pharmacies
      • Fluent German in speech and writing

      Why choose us?

      We are a great team based in Brasov, working with multiple developer teams to deliver applications for the health sector. By making use of Kubernetes, Docker, public & private cloud infrastructures we create efficient and scalable applications. Deployments using Jenkins at other times using internal tools. Applications we deliver usually involve .net, SQL Server, Angular, Java Spring and PostgreSQL. Scalable microservices served by Kubernetes operators are something we deal with on a daily basis.

      We also handle data and security compliance for productive applications, hands on using specific tooling (internal penetration & security scans) and during the development process we make sure that security guidelines are followed.

      Here’s what we have for you