Do you want to know more about these?

Here you can find some selected examples of already implemented solutions within the pharmaceutical market.

Most of our expertise consists in owning a solid knowledge regarding the goods movement within the pharmacy and in mastering the related processes and data.

Imagine a secure, fast, modular merchandise management system that:

  • scans prescriptions
  • checks for completeness
  • sends data to the accounting center
  • provides an interactive sales assistance based on product indication
  • integrates automated commissioning and picking-up machines
  • binds document management systems
  • provides also app-based, fully integrated e-commerce solutions
  • controls also the medical provisioning for the nursing homes
  • ensures the networking of the subsidiaries with one another
  • Now you have an idea regarding the range of services we are offering.

Figure an app-based health platform for the patients and their relatives that:

  • establishes contact with doctors, pharmacists and other service providers
  • guarantees a secure data transfer
  • manages patient appointments and their clinical reports
  • We have already implemented this, too.