Integration with the SAP management system

Price management – perfect synchronization with the system

Converting the confirmed offer into a SAP order

Dashboard with statistics for each region in order to create a sales strategy for each area

Digitization of the production process for distributors

Algorithm configuration for materials requirement

Our approach and solutions

With an agile development approach, we automated the offer management processes by creating an innovative and easy-to-use web solution that quickly generates personalized offers to achieve its objectives, thus harmonizing the manufacturer, the retailer and the customer.


  • Spring
  • Angular
  • Gradle

Team size

  • 4 developers: 2 backend, 2 frontend
  • 1 QA
  • 1 PM


  • Business digital transformation
  • Automation system for offer requests and the management of the projects
  • Generated templates for standards projects
  • An effective management of the wholesalers
  • Synchronize connection between both ERP systems: manufacturer and the wholesaler
  • Reduction of processing time
  • Reduction of
  • Improved customer experience
  • Digitization of projects with  2D/3D visualization
  • Valuable insights and statistics

The application was developed and customized for a top Romanian player from the construction materials industry generating remarkable results, boosting sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

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