The guarantee of our success:
the people behind the projects


Florin Popa


Herbert Wild


Ana Codrea

Financial Manager

Claudia Preda

Financial Controller

Andreea Vintilă

HR Manager

Mircea Oprea

Growth Manager & HR Advisor

Ioana Manolescu

HR Specialist

Valeriu Crăciun

Project Manager

Virgil Botea

Project Manager

Marian Rusu

Project Manager

Cătălin Magdo

Project Manager

Răzvan Tomescu

Project Manager

Marian Trufașu

Project Manager

Zsombor Szabo

Project Manager

Vision & Mission

We are digitizing pharma&healthcare organizations, as well as other businesses, by providing high-quality software solutions!

Trend setter. Service Provider. Partner

Firmly anchored in our beliefs, we recognize that synergistic management enhanced efficacy and revitalizes business dynamics. Our portfolio of external projects validates the role of collaboration among teams with diverse expertise, dispersed across different locations, in a multicultural setting. This approach often proves markedly efficient in terms of both costs and the enriching business experience, the cohesion of teams collaborating around ideation, solution crafting, setting objectives, offering unparalleled insights. This approach allows us to grasp the business logic of each project, the client's requisites, and comprehend the real-world purpose of each application. Armed with this understanding, we outline the "WHAT" of the task at hand. Conversely, the "HOW" is shaped by our expertise, our role is to leverage technology to its fullest potential, thereby generating significant value for organizations within the pharma&healthcare sector and other industries.


We adapt to customer needs and to a changing market.


We work smart, not hard.


We continuously develop new, valuable services and solutions.


We embrace diversity, courtesy and equity.

Our Core Values

We develop and implement highly complex software solutions for small, medium and large companies within the German healthcare market.




We work efficiently and handle our resources responsibly.


We work from all over the place and we do it freely and responsibly