It’s like 15 years passed in a blink of an eye. We started small and we had no idea what adventure was awaiting for us. We were 6, now we are over 160. We started in a 2-room apartment, now we call a 7-storeys building our home. It’s not like we had a plan from the very beginning. We were just a bunch of youngsters at odds with living an ordinary life, so we gambled our knowledge and expertise to turn it into an extraordinary one. And we are glad to be here, today, in the same formula, living the same dream and having the same desire of turning every ordinary activity into an extraordinary experience.


Young, but with an interesting story

  • 2007

    Pro Medisoft Consulting SRL

    Like so many other success stories, ours also started from the ground level, shy and (maybe just?) for fun. It was like a game that required not only skills, but also passion and a bit of confidence. Not in the proverbial garage of our parents, but in a small apartment in Brasov, a group of 4 Java enthusiasts and friends started taking over several software projects in the medical industry from German clients. Loaded with the enthusiasm of the beginnings, yet with no German language knowledge whatsoever, we started using and understanding notions like PZN, Artikelübersicht, Einheit or Darreichungsform. From tiny, shy steps and drafts to huge projects developed entirely by our company it was less than we ever expected!

  • 2009

    The birth of the Call Center Department

    Two years later, we were already rejoicing in our first important clients in VersandApotheke, when we decided to enlarge the area of services we offered. Thus, besides the development team, a new department emerged, the Call Center Department, meant to offer technical and functional support to the pharmacies in Germany. By this movement, besides offering the most innovative and intuitive services to our clients, we also started offering them support to efficiently using them and assistance in the eventuality of any difficulties they might encounter. This department is constantly growing and developing, keeping an eye on preventing the shortages that might arouse for our clients.

  • 2010

    Awinta Consulting SRL

    2010 was the year of great changes. The first challenge came from a joint venture between Promedisoft and VSA GmbH, after which we were invited to be active part in the development of another ERP, in Java. A team made out of 10 colleagues participated into a first encounter to take over the project from Germany. After this, we witnessed several changes in no time: from Windows, we migrated to Linux, from C# to Java, from the American keyboard to the German one, from Pro Medisoft to Awinta Consulting. An important newspaper in the pharma industry (DAZ) described the joint venture at that time as <<Fusion oder Confusion>>. Fusion or confusion. For our company, this was a key movement which had greatly widened the business area, the number of projects, experiences and human interactions.

  • 2016

    Kronsoft Development SRL

    We are, yet again, active part and important player in another fusion of our investor, this time with Asys GmbH Company, which enriched our portfolio with the fifth ERP system for pharmacies. Our main activity of offering software solutions and support escalated on a greater area, the team grew and embraced new different challenges. The serviced area enlarged as well, by adding several medical institutions in Germany that were already working together with Noventi. This marks the moment our company joins Noventi, leader on the pharmaceutical market in Germany, having under its wing over 11.000 pharmacies. The moment of fusion came hand in hand with the moment we decided to change our name with one bearing a great resonance with our city of origin, Brasov.

  • 2017

    Partnership with Transylvania University of Brasov

    Our name started having an echo and the teams were constantly developing. A fair thought and an obvious next step for our business was bringing together people with experience, but also smart, hard-working teenagers, ready to step in the programming world with all the energy and skills picked up in the school years. That’s why we decided to ped down a partnership with the Mathematics-Informatics department of Transylvania University in Brasov. From the very beginning we managed to set apart from our competitors through a complex procedure of internship, which not only offers access to information hands-on, but also to a work place, regardless of the experience of those involved. While we grow, we also help others grow in their turn.

  • 2018

    We move home!

    There is no place like home and starting with 2018 we have a home like we dreamt for years. The number of colleagues was constantly growing, we were working from several rented offices, so we knew it was about time to have our own place. After two years of building site, hard work, ideas, plans, deployments, we finally commissioned the Kronsoft Development building, placed in a strategical area of the city, with access to numerous amenities. The team finally got together in one place and the story went on writing its pages home.

  • 2019

    We have a hall with our name written on it!

    Our concern for education and for the youngsters who can write history if offered the necessary support knew no decay in intensity, but grew in new shapes and shades. From the desire of helping the Mathematics-Informatics Faculty in various ways, we gave life, colour and a purpose to PIII 7 Room, which, starting with this moment, is known as Kronsoft Hall. Refurbished, refurnished and fitted out so that it can serve to various purposes, it hosts several educational activities and is a vivid witness of a partnership we cherish and we pride with.

  • 2020

    The birth of Kronsoft Iasi

    Due to the great number of candidates we had in Iasi County and in its surroundings and to the proximity of an important academic center, we decided to inaugurate a new Kronsoft office in Iasi. Welcomed with enthusiasm and joy by our colleagues and prospectors, its growths was set back by the emergence of the pandemic. Because we know there is a good thing in any bad thing that happens to us, the home office requirement rapidly turned into an opportunity thus, from then to now, our team got richer with colleagues from all over the country, happy to join us and grow in our team, regardless of the place they work from.


The guarantee of our success: the people behind the projects

Florin Popa


Ana Codrea

Financial Manager

Claudia Preda

Financial Controller

Andreea Vintila

HR Manager

Ella Trufasu

HR Specialist

Ioana Manolescu

HR Specialist

Mircea Oprea

Growth Manager & HR Advisor

Virgil Botea

Project Manager

Valeriu Crăciun

Project Manager

Razvan Tomescu

Project Manager

Catalin Magdo

Project Manager

Marian Trufasu

Project Manager

Marian Rusu

Project Manager

Zsombor Szabo

Project Manager

Vision & Mission

We empower healthcare organizations by providing quality software services

We believe that synergy-management brings fresh wind and efficiency. Our projects show how important the synergetic cooperation of different people with different experiences is. The remote development of your software solutions is often cost-efficient and sufficient, but the personal interaction during the critical project phases is irreplaceable. We learn a lot better to understand your project and recognize WHAT the task is. The HOW is our job and will be implemented much more efficiently afterwards.

Our Core Values



We adapt to customer needs and to a changing market.



We work smart, not hard.



We continuously develop new, valuable services and solutions.



We embrace diversity, courtesy and equity.



We work efficiently and handle our resources responsibly.



We work from all over the place and we do it freely and responsibly