A quite old legacy system

Constantly working to adapt to continuous changes

Making sure that employees are on-board with the ERP system

Time hamperings and integration limitations

Our approach and solutions

We are an Agile team, quickly adaptable to market changes and customer demands, having the common objective of delivering a high-quality product as early as possible.  

Centralizing all work processes in one place can be very challenging. We carefully analyzed the pharmacy’s business model and managed to handle our implementation goals by successfully migrating the data bases.


  • C/C++ based software
  • Java-based modules

Team size

  • 6 people


  • Over 3200 pharmacies are using this ERP
  • Improved inventory costs
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Reporting tools with real-time insights data
  • Automated workflows and procurement management

It’s an automated solution that can increase efficiency and improve productivity by having real-time access & visibility over business operations with automated processes based on parameters set up in the system.

Let us be the architect of your digital business!

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