C/C++ & C# technologies

  • C/C++ development under Windows, including switch from OS2 to Windows
  • Conversions from VB or VB.NET to C#
  • Conversions from Delphi to C#
  • C# framework for backend development
  • WPF modern UI based on a customized framework
  • Interlanguages know-how – JNI between Java and C++, Mico ORB

Java technologies

  • Maintenance of Swing and Java FW desktop UI
  • Maintenance of old web based projects: JSP and Apache Struts
  • Modern UI based on JSF Primefaces
  • Modern backend based on Spring framework
  • OR mapping layers based on Hibernate or JPA
  • Avanced communication based on Web Socket

Front-End Development

  • Complex UI based on Angular
  • React Web development
  • Ecommerce oriented UI based on Apache Ofbiz
  • Ecommerce orienced UI based on ShopWare


  • Relational: IBM DB2, Informix, Postgresql, Oracle, Mysql, MariaDB, MSSQL Server
  • No-SQL: MndoDB, OrientDB, Apache Cassandra
  • Document based ones: Apache Lucene and SOLR, ElasticSearch, Redis, DynamoDB

Mobile Development

  • Web responsive approach for mobile
  • Native iOS and Android development
  • Basic experience with Flutter development
  • Hybrid mobile development using Cordova and Ionic

DevOps Services

  • Jenkins pipelines drive CI/CD process
  • Configuration management using Terraform, Ansible and Kustomize
  • Security pipelines for Docker containers using: Clair, Quay and Falcon
  • SIEM solution using Wazuh 
  • Logging and monitoring platform using Prometheus and EFK
  • Backups using Velero and Restic
  • Competences in setting up and operating: bare-metal, AWS, OTC, Azure
  • Own extensive and “battle tested” procedures for: incident management, change management and release management
  • "Security in mind" philosophy for deployments and application development