Integration with the pharmacy's information system

Tactile interface between the pharmacy and the customer

Developing a performant content management system

Integration into the retail space

Customizing the solution to the dynamics of each pharmacy and the needs of different customers

Our approach and solutions

The role of promotional displays is very important because it often proves to be more productive than other methods of advertising. With an Agile approach we focused on developing a complex solution that results in good return on your investment and creates dynamic sales space. By promoting the targeted products on a digital screen, the customer’s attention is drawn to the variety of options available (what others bought, complementary products or special promotions) ensuring successful results in increased sales and customer satisfaction.


  • Java-based software

Team size

  • 2 developers 


The app was developed for the German pharmaceutical market, generating great outcomes, increasing sales and helping the wholesalers and pharmacies to define effective and successful Marketing&Sales strategy.

  • Targeted advertising and cross-selling tool for boosting sales
  • Providing different meaningful statistics that allow to wholesalers and retailers to design competitive Marketing&Sales strategies
  • Increase the customer satisfaction (the customer offers real-time feedback) 
  • Increased sales revenue

It’s an innovative advertising and cross-selling solution that generates smoothly sales growth for wholesalers and retailers, achieved through the promotion of targeted product advertisements on displays within the point of sale.

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