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Most of our expertise consists in owning a solid knowledge regarding the goods movement within the pharmacy and in mastering the related processes and data.

Here you can find some selected examples of already implemented solutions within the pharmaceutical market.

Business area: "Versand Apotheken"
Technologies: Java based software, Apache OfBiz framework
Team size: 16 people: developers, QA, web designer, product manager, Call Center, Networking, 24/7 support

  • over 20.000 orders in 24 hours
  • 150 searches per second
  • WaWi interface with data exchange in real time
  • external payment providers
  • tracking codes
  • advertising
  • exporters to “PreisSuchMachines”
  • hybrid solution for mobile devices


orders in 24 hours



Business area: “Warenwirtschaftssystem” for pharmacies
Technologies: Java based software, Internal 3-tiers framework
Team size: 18 developers divided into 2 teams

  • over 700 customers
  • over 90% of development moved from Germany to Romania



Business area: "Warenwirtschaftssystem" ” for pharmacies
Technologies: C/C++ based software also having Java-based modules
Team size: 6 people

  • source code older than 20 years,
  • many changes closer to 2017 software development


pharmacies using this WaWi



Business area: Data exchange
Technologies: Java-based software, Apache Solr Could, JSF based administration UI
Team size: 5 people

  • Initial replication in less than 5 minutes,
  • “Delta data” exchange in few seconds


chains of pharmacies using Aura

Business area: Advertising and Content Management for pharmacies
Technologies: Java-based software
Team size: 7 people

  • real-time data exchange between WaWi and KTI,
  • its own CMS solution




Business area: end-users in the medical field in Germany
Technologies: A Netflix framework based on Spring Cloud
Team size: 12 people

  • hybrid solution for mobile devices,
  • Web-based UI for administration,
  • interacting with pharmacies,
  • doctors and other medical institutions